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Tuition options

Jamrock Music Academy offers two options to new students.

One option is for informal tuition at the students’ pace, allowing the student to develop their love of music and their familiarity with their instrument. The other option is for the student to follow a more formal approach and to take the official Rockschool of London Exams through Jamrock which is internationally accredited.



  • Registration and Administration Fee: R295.00 (once–off enrolment fee)
  • Fees: R2085.00 (per term) or term fee can be paid in 3 installments of R695.00 (per month)


NOTE: Fees are to be paid at the beginning of each term or month respectively.


photo-1430922080198-aa15f3a718b9Guitar tuition

Guitar tuition is offered from beginner’s level to advanced. You will learn scales, chords, rhythm as well as get the opportunity to play modern songs.

We also offer our students every opportunity to showcase their skills with regular performances and shows throughout the year.


photo-1423110041833-0d5dfcc552e1Drum tuition

We cover the full spectrum of drumming tuition from beginner to advanced. You will learn how to play along to modern songs as well as the basic rudiments of drumming.

Workshops are held from time to time and many opportunities are provided to showcase our drumming students’ skills.


photo-1420161900862-9a86fa1f5c79Vocal tuition

Our vocal training facility will teach you a full range of topics including vocal technique, vocal style, performance skills, music theory, stage presence, as well as how to look after the most important instrument you will ever have: your voice.

You will learn all about backing vocals as well as solos and we will help you to discover the right songs for your voice. We have many opportunities at Jamrock for you to perform and to experience live performance firsthand.


3ae98ccdPiano/Keyboard tuition

Piano or keyboard tuition is offered as one of the easiest instruments to learn and we often advise parents of younger children to start with piano/keyboard in order for children to learn basic music theory along with the practical experience of learning an instrument.

Our keyboard department offers many opportunities to learn modern songs, develop skill and train young musicians in the art of music.


photo-1445985543470-41fba5c3144aBass Guitar tuition

Our bass guitar tuition is offered from beginner’s level to advanced. You will learn how to play along with popular, modern songs as well as learning scales and the basics of rhythm and timekeeping.